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What is WAVE?

The Welfare and Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) course is designed to equip individuals in customer-facing roles with awareness of vulnerability and their responsibilities towards customers. It includes two key components: WAVE training, which provides knowledge on recognising and assisting vulnerable individuals, and the Ask for Angela campaign, enabling people in unsafe situations to discreetly seek help from trained staff using a code word.

By training your staff in WAVE and implementing Ask for Angela you can play a role in helping to prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability within your business and our towns and cities. The WAVE Programme consists of two strands of work:


A training session which aims to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of those working in licensed premises focusing on identifying vulnerability and making appropriate interventions.


A consumer facing campaign which allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe situation to ask for help using the “Angela” code word, informing a staff member of their need, and allowing them to access discreet help.

Learning Objectives

  • • Learn about the context for WAVE training

  • • Understand the definition of vulnerability

  • • Explore the factors that make people vulnerable

  • • Identify how to recognise vulnerability

  • • Explore where they can intervene to reduce vulnerability

  • • Identify appropriate interventions to assist in reducing harm

  • • Spiking Awareness – Watch Out, Listen Up, Act.

  • • Recognise and promote the Ask for Angela Campaign

Ask for Angela Scheme

You can access the Ask for Angela campaign resources by completing this contact form.

We recommend that you have WAVE Training in addition to implementing the campaign as it provides your staff with the skills to identify vulnerability, make an appropriate intervention and ensure customers get the help that they need.

Ask for Angela is a consumer facing campaign which allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe situation to ask for help using the “Angela” code word. They can use this codeword to inform a trained member of staff they need help. The staff member can then assist them in getting access to the discreet help they need.

Below you can find answers to some of our most frequent asked questions. If you need more information you can contact us here!

Ask for Angela and WAVE are part of a range of tools aimed at informing and educating staff about customer welfare and vulnerability and providing a customer-facing visual element that reassures that support is available and provides a code phrase to use to seek help from staff.

These tools will help to prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. Putting the welfare of customers first and dealing with vulnerability are essential parts of running any licensed premises. You can help to do this by implementing WAVE and Ask for Angela. If you are a licensed premises you should be mindful of the licensing objectives and the consequences of failing to promote them.

No, this is about reducing all potential harms and this also includes violence and all forms of hate crime.

Without training or awareness your staff may not be able to assist or indeed may inadvertently leave a customer vulnerable, so it’s important you don’t put up posters unless your staff have been trained.

It is best practice to conduct WAVE training for staff on a regular basis so they are reminded of the importance of recognising and tackling vulnerability. as soon as possible, but in the interim you can follow the guidance below to facilitate the use of Ask for Angela materials in your premises. This will still involve some staff awareness and training.

Then you can contact us here . We look forward to hearing from you